Who we are?

‘Ashapankh’ was established in 2016 with the idea of bringing together two groups of people that had already been working independently in the areas of rural and urban development. Our mission is to provide sustainable development in rural as well as urban sectors with the support of our sponsors and patrons.

To provide material, technical, informational and legal and humanitarian assistance through charitable events and programs.To offer additional resources to families with children all over the world and support schools and kindergartens located in poor regions.


Ashapankh (Wings of hope) flies on the dream of improving the life of every person in the world, whether through access to education, healthcare or development. The organization’s objective is to offer a common solution that can be seamlessly implemented in both, rural as well as urban areas. Backed by well-researched data, this solution will speed up the developmental process in these areas. ‘Ashapankh’ includes two bodies under its belt:

Urban: Focuses on Mentorship and Governance, City Structure
Rural: Focuses on Mentorship & Drought

Our core working areas
Help & Support
Our organization provides financial, technical and humanitarian assistance through several charitable initiatives that have been designed to offer assistance to every disadvantaged person in the world.
Education is an important factor for a country to grow. We offer opportunities for education and seek to improve creative abilities in children and youth from developing countries.
We invite everyone to participate in our volunteer programs and help us set up additional educational facilities, provide better training, promote employment, and change someone’s world for the better.
Our Partners
Our team
Sagar Shinde

Sagar is responsible for providing direction to the organization, safeguarding its vision, and setting targets

Saurabh Patil
Project Coordinator

Saurabh looks after coordination of projects within Ashapankh and suggests process improvement.

Mayur Kolambkar
Operations Lead

Mayur looks after on-ground operations. Setting vision for on-ground activities and coordinating with teams to make it happen!

Sonal Manglani
Sonal Manglani
Human Resource Team

Sonal is responsible for hiring and recruiting new talent for Ashapankh.

Anshu Goel
Finance Team

Anshu is responsible for the financial health of the firm or organization. Producing financial reports and developing strategies based on financial research.

Achuth V
Operations Team

Achuth looks after daily operations which include admin support and helps in updating IT systems.