Urban Wing
As we work in the urban and rural sectors, this is what we realized that needs to be kept constant no matter what. A lot of focus goes on how to prevent a child from dropping out and keep educating themselves. What matters is the approach in the respective areas. Therefore;
  • Education here is handled somehow differently. The focus shifts now on the development of schools. We help by holding English and Computer classes for children as per academic calendar, volunteers teach at Municipal schools. The quality of education to keep the children going becomes a necessity.
  • Governance;the involvement of civilians here to govern their own environment is quite important. Therefore, we are implementing a bottom-up approach for people to participate as they are the ones who have first-hand access to the issues.
The two pillars to govern the city with making well-informed decisions are; Information Technology and City Structure. These are essentials for collecting data, hearing the solutions and working on the different issues today like traffic congestion, pollution, growth in slums etc.
Rural Wing
  • Education and water, just the basics! Unfortunately, the basics are not accessible for the poor in rural and urban areas. Ashapankh has been dedicated from its beginning to create sustainable solutions for making the basics available.
  • Looking at education, in rural areas, with the rate of dropouts being so high due to lack of interest in education, we help the rural schools in any way needed. So far, we have built roadmaps for educational institutions, supported schools via fundraising for keeping libraries up to date and extending resources like PCs.
  • We aim to create awareness and keep the curiosity of learning in children and parents alive by making the opportunities available.


Now water, the second essential. As drought is a recurring issue, Ashapankh has decided to create sustainable solutions around it which are building wells in drought-prone areas with the help of locals and volunteers. And to make this sustainable, they are backed by roadmaps for them to be known.

Governance – IT & City Structure

Ashapankh team has past experience for building a website and mobile application for the Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Limited (Public Transport) to help the Pune & Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation take inputs and process solutions according to the civilians’ need. The team has also setup an expert panel to consult on government projects for Smart Cities. 

Our principles of maintaining quality and treating each being equally are what has helped us build the community that we have and that’s why more volunteers and philanthropists keep joining us. We work with local governments and are open to listening to any ideas that any individual may have that can help us in the cause that we are working towards.

We aim for long-term changes, working from the inside-out, to ensure continued support for those in need. To become a crew member, write to us at connect@ashapankh.com OR donate as you will.