With the endeavor of becoming the podium for factual, practical information; for all technical and materialistic support and legal or humanitarian facilitation through philanthropic events, schedules and programs, Ashapankh was established in 2016. Ashapankh believes in making basic education, health, and developmental programs accessible to every individual across the globe.

The mission and vision of performing charitable developmental work with equal passion and vigor in both Rural and Urban Sectors is the brainchild of founder Mr.Sagar Shinde. He formulated the blueprint of Ashapankh with the dream of enhancing the lives of both rural and urban people, especially families with children, underprivileged, and youth of the society.


Ashapankh creates opportunities for the young who lack education by working closely with schools and kindergartens in both rural and urban areas. The name itself encapsulates the mission and vision of this non-profitable organization, whose literary meaning is- Asha (Hope) Pankh (Wings) – “Wings of Hope”.

Vision: Narrow the gap between rural and urban regions by providing solutions, which bring basic amenities to the society or community.

Mission: Bring independently working organizations, both Government and Non- Government, together on a platform; create a framework to generate information and welcome ideas to propagate them for effective implementation. This also includes empowering people on their basic rights to attain the basic needs of education, and development.

Ashapankh Machinery

The interlocked machinery in Ashapankh has a common key-empowering everyone to design, attain, share and make use of information and knowledge for overall growth.

Ashapankh facilitates village level or urban Government bodies, Schools, micro-enterprises, primary health centers, civic bodies, and other such establishments to set up technologically advanced digital tools and infrastructure to fetch information for economic, social, cultural, development and betterment.

Two Prime Wings

The Urban Wing: Expedites the Municipal Corporation and other such bodies to reach out to citizens, leveraging the IT tools, to receive solutions to city problems and issues. If required Software development is incorporated to address issues like-public parking, traffic congestions or lack of public transportation.

The Rural Wing: Emphasizes on the education of children between 13 to 16 years so that dropout percentage in schools are reduced, and children retain the interest in education. In addition, various roadmaps to developmental programs are structured and shared with villagers. They are encouraged for participation so that the essence of development gets connected with self-belief, knowledge, and awareness. The beginning of a voyage needs compassion, courage, direction and people who have a strong belief in change, a change for the betterment of the society, irrespective of caste, race, region, gender, and religion. Ashapankh has it all and looks forward to joining hands with people with the similar standpoint of –donating, Assembling and giving.

Sagar Shinde

Sagar is responsible for providing direction to the organization, safeguarding its vision, and setting targets

Saurabh Patil
Project Coordinator

Saurabh looks after coordination of projects within Ashapankh and suggests process improvement.

Mayur Kolambkar
Operations Lead

Mayur looks after on-ground operations. Setting vision for on-ground activities and coordinating with teams to make it happen!

Sonal Manglani
Sonal Manglani
Human Resource Team

Sonal is responsible for hiring and recruiting new talent for Ashapankh.

Anshu Goel
Finance Team

Anshu is responsible for the financial health of the firm or organization. Producing financial reports and developing strategies based on financial research.

Achuth V
Operations Team

Achuth looks after daily operations which include admin support and helps in updating IT systems.